Every now and then….

Welcome to my site!

I am so glad that you stopped by.  I hope your day or your evening has gone well.  I, myself seem to find that I am apprehensive about writing for the public.  I usually am not to shy about things.  As we move through the nervousness, somewhere hidden out of the light is courage.

So, let’s begin…

The Earth is suffering.  It is suffering from all the plastic and waste that we humans create.  When in all actuality we do not need to have SO much plastic.  There are pictures out there about the effects of plastic, but the one that stands out to me is of a Seahorse that has his tail wrapped around a plastic ear cleaner.  Profound?  I think so.

Have you heard of the plastic islands?  There are islands floating in the ocean of garbage.   Sad, just sad.  I wonder how we can clean it up?  Do you think we are all responsible?  I am in the middle of the US and I feel responsible for a couple reasons.  1) I am a part of the human race.  2) I was a huge plastic user.  3) I didn’t recycle or compost when I could.   It all is connected.