Light the Night 2018

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. A try to raise funding for several reasons: the first is that I am a survivor of Lymphoma and the second is I just lost my best friend to Leukemia. Research is incredibly important to finding a cure to Cancer.

This year’s event is on September 27, 2018and it starts at 3:30 at Washington Park in Denver.

My team is raising money for Tammy and myself. The first year that we did this, Tammy was newly diagnosed. I believed that she would make it. I believed that she would have lived to continue to raise her daughter with her husband. I believed that she would be able to go back to the job she loved. I also believed that we would go to Paris in 8 years. To explain some of this, I was just out of my Bone Marrow Transplant and I was a little on the scared side. My counts kept fluctuating and I kept losing weight. I was still in a lot of pain. I had asked Tammy if she would look after my daughter if I died. She instantly started crying and said yes. Little did I know that I would be making the promise to her.

There are 5 steps to grief and at times, I feel like I go through each of them at the same time. Tammy has been gone a month now and I still feel like I can call her up or text her to check on her. Tammy had Acute Myeloid Leukemia or AML for short. The survivability is just 26% and on top of that she had a condition called 11q23, the short of that meant that when her DNA wrote on her new cells, it wrote wrong by switching the two. That subtracted from the 26% chance that she would beat it.

Tammy went through hell and the only way I can help now is to help with her daughter (my daughter’s best friend) and support her husband. The second way that I feel I can help is to get the word out there. There are two types of Bone Marrow Transplants, Autologous and Allogenic. Auto is from yourself and that is the kind I had. Allogenic is from someone else and there are 3 ways. A sibling, unknown donor and a half match. Tammy had two brothers who were 100% matched to her. The second transplant looked like she was going to make it. She was at the 9 month mark and typically a Bone Marrow biopsy isn’t done at this point. She requested it and it was done. Her Marrow was clear and I got a text from her Mom that said she was good. That was Friday and by Wednesday, she was back in the hospital. The following Saturday she was gone.

On her birthday, I will be 5 years since I went into the ER complaining of back pain. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, but not sure which one at that point. It is going to be a bittersweet anniversary.

This link: Light the Night 2018 is to our team’s fundraising page.

Thank you for helping!!!


Author: MaggieLu Skin(K)are

Hello! Welcome to MaggieLu’s Skin(K)are. I am so happy you stopped by. Here at MaggieLu’s, I offer organic and Earth Friendly handmade bath and body products. I started making bath bombs, lotion and bath salts for my family several years ago. I started making these because I was tired of all the chemicals. Later, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the fall of 2013. I received my first round of Chemotherpy on October 31 that same year. By the spring of 2014, I was cancer free. I believe that we should all have access to chemical free products or at least minimal processing. I feel that the Earth is in a lot of trouble because of how we have treated it. I have become a die hard Shark Conservationist and with every purchase, I donate 10% to Shark Conservations. Fun Fact: I can not decide which Shark is my favorite. So, I have 3. If I had to choose right now...I’d say White Shark. Then, the beautiful Tiger Shark. Third, the Hammerheads (there are several).

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