The Walking Dead

I was never one for horror. However, I just found the Walking Dead (TWD) last year and I am hooked! It usually takes a show or so for me to become a fan of a series, but for TWD I was sucked in in the first 10 minutes. My favorite character is Rick. He is the first person we’re introduced to. My second is Michonne and then Carol.

When the show opens it is with an empty intersection and then we see a deputy’s car rolling up. There is an overturned car and a large truck on its side. The sheriff’s deputy is then pulls up and pops the trunk. He is then seen walking down toward a run down and overgrown gas station carrying a gas can.

In the background, there is a shuffling sound. The deputy bends down to look under the vehicles and sees a kid walking. She has on slippers and a housecoat and walking away from where he is. He tells her that he can help her and that he is a deputy. She turns around. She has a part of her face missing and starts to go toward him. He shoots her in the middle of her forehead. She falls back and that’s the opening to Season 1; Episode 1. It only gets better.

Carol enters the series in episode 3 of the first season. She is a battered wife and a mother. As the season progresses we find out more about her strengths. For the longest time, she was my favorite after Rick. I can’t say much without spoiling it for those that haven’t seen it. So, to protect those individuals I have added some spacing so you can escape…

Carol checks out in the later part of season 6. She just had enough of the dying. She loved her group and was afraid that they’d die. People always died around her and Alexandria made them weak. She was suffering from serious PTSD and although not a good idea, she left.

Michonne enters in season 3. She is the lady that helped Andrea back to health. She carries a Samurai sword and is extremely accurate with it. The reason why Michonne is so awesome to me is because she truly cares for the people she lives with. Rick does too and so does Carol. But, Michonne is almost to a fault.

She developed a bond with Rick’s son Carl and the two are thick as thieves.

Most know that a Carl dies and Rick doesn’t ever seem to come back from it and neither does Michonne. It was a difficult episode and throughout the Walking Dead series fandom people were sounding off.

After season 8 wrapped up, we lost our armchair therapist. The Talking Dead’s host Chris Hardwick was wrongfully accused by an ex girlfriend with an axe to grind. She used the “me too” movement as a stage and Mr Hardwick was pulled from the show and from hosting the San Diego Comic Con. He is back though and all is well.

In just a couple of weeks, season 9 airs. It is going to be bittersweet. Rick’s last season. I will keep you posted


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