Ty a.k.a. Tiger Shark

A year and a half ago I lost my beloved Labrador.  His name was Jake. He was also called The Moose or Sweet boy. He was all of those names. He was the most annoying and obnoxious dog I have ever had in my pack!

Jakers love coffee and would do whatever he could to get it. The first time he got ahold of my coffee was when I jumped out of the truck to go get something. Yes, I left the truck running and the doors locked and the brake set. I “was” drinking a double shot in the dark. That is two shots of espresso in coffee. When I got back in the truck, I found my empty paper cup and licked clean.

I panicked and called our Vet. She wanted to see him. Our Vet examined him and said that he’ll be fine. She said he is going to pee a lot and then crash. He will most likely look dead. Boy, was she ever right!

As you probably know, dogs can not have chocolate, nightshade plants (onions, lilies) and coffee. There are many more. However, Jake was around 85 pounds and active. He would most likely burn through the caffeine pretty fast. I asked our Vet if Jake could have decaf? She was sure, but she said most likely not. That dog would knock over the end table to get to it.

As time marched on and my beloved lab (non) retriever started to go downhill. He died with us and as hard as that was, I’m thankful that he did die with us instead of us bringing him in for our Vet to put him to sleep.

Two days shy of the anniversary of Jake’s death, I found Dyson. He was at the same shelter that we adopted Jake from. When I met him, he walked over and licked my face!

We had to bring Blaze in to meet Dyson. The meeting was good and both boys got along well. When we went to sign the adoption papers, we were in the same room that we adopted Jake in. Have you heard of pennies from Heaven? Essentially it means when you find change on the ground, your loved one is thinking about you. On our way to meet Dyson, we stopped to get gas and my husband found a penny. Needless to say, I carry it everywhere (taped inside my phone).

We named Dyson, Ty. For two reasons, easy transition for him and short for Tiger Shark. Well, now we call him Tiger or Radar.

He is just as annoying and obnoxious as Jake. Do dogs come back? I am beginning to believe that.

We now have two pointy eared dogs and before we had two floppy eared dogs.

So, Tiger is going to help save sharks. Why, because people wonder and usually ask why he has the name “Ty aka Tiger Shark”.